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Court Rentals

Volleyball Court Rentals $35
per hour/per court.

Basketball Court Rentals $45 per hour/per court

We also rent for parties and other group events. Call for pricing.
Contact: for more information 

Personal Training

Cost for 1 hour session:

* $50 for individual

* $35 each for 2 participants

* $25 each for 3 participants

* $20 each for 4 or more participant

For questions or to sign up please contact Ryan Varndell

We can customize your lesson based on your needs. We can train individuals as well as teams and coaches.

  • Volleyball basics- Passing, Setting, Serving, Hitting and Blocking

  • Advanced Passing- Serve Receive and digging effectively

  • Advanced Setter Skills

  • Advanced Hitting- Accuracy and Strength

  • Advanced Serving- Jump Serving and Spot Serving

  • Advanced Middle Blocking and Hitting

Open Gyms/Camps

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Open Gyms and Summer Camps

Open Gyms TBD

Open Gyms are an opportunity during the summer to get additional touches in the off season. Open Gyms are typically run on Sunday nights and cost $10 per athlete.

The schedule for 2024 Summer Camps are TBD. 

Summer camps are typically run in the months of June and July as a 4 day camp. More information will be released in the months of April and May. 

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