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About Us

About Us

Spirit Volleyball was founded by Tony Tahan in July of 2000, with only 8 teams, coached by Tony, Connie Shew, Brenda Gerber, Wendy Crumbacher (Potacar), Bob Armstrong, Pat Hershey, Roger Reed, and Rob Frost, with a simple mission. “To provide an opportunity for young ladies to learn and compete at a higher level of volleyball, while in a positive atmosphere, with the goal of improving skills and building new relationships”
Since then, Spirit has steadily growing to one of the biggest clubs in Ohio. Currently Spirit has, on average, 65 coaches and more than 580 dedicated student-athletes per year. We compete at every level of USAV, JVA and AAU junior volleyball, Regional, American and National. Spirit has, and currently employs many experienced coaches, including multiple High School, Junior High and College coaches. During our club season (January through June) we are the host site for USAV Ohio Valley Region Regional, American and National volleyball tournaments every Saturday and Sunday. Spirit Volleyball brings in over 4000 visiting players plus their families and coaches, annually to our facility. Not to mention the multiple camps clinics and personal training the occurs on a weekly basis all year round.
Spirit Volleyball Club is focused on the personal and athletic development of our student-athletes, we create a positive, safe and effective learning environment in which student-athletes strive to achieve individual goal within a team dynamic.
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Orlando Almonte

Jacquie Antonelli

Jackie Barnhart

Morgan Becka

Eva Bender

Erica Benson

Lexa Bunevich

Janeen Calame

Ryan Carrick

Natalie Costello

Dave Cross

Lexi Crow

Catherine Davis

Courtney Dieter

Robyn Dimacchia

Hannah Eckelberry

Warner Ella

Nicole Figueroa

Monica Fralick

Amy Fralick

Monica Froelich

Marissa Garcia

Amanda Gargaro

Makenzie Harmon

Cortney Herman

Rachel Holliday

Regan Holliday

Stephanie Hotz

Megan Janowicz

Meghan Johnson

David Johnson

McKenna Keir

Crystal Keith

Bob Kenska

Alaina Krajewski

Amanda Kriesen

Paige Lutz

Monica Mason

Emma McCrann

Erinn Murphy

Chelsea Ocasio

Bailey Patouhas

Gabby Pelton-Derrig

Stan Piecuch

Jayne Poirier 

Ann Marie Prebish

Katie Pyrda

Allison Quay

Kevin Riley

Maggie Riley

Melissa Rodriguez

Rebecca Roupe

Nina Ruiz

Angelica Salas


Dan Salomon

Desi Schue

Abby Sczpanski

Stephanie Skacan

Taylor Small

Tony Tahan

Grace Tansey

Abby Taylor

Latressa Thompson 

Taylor Traut

Ryan Varndell

Todd Viock

Jenna White

Heather Akers 

Tori Zelenka


Ryan Varndell

Owner / Club Director / Coach


Tony Tahan 

Tournament Director

Dave Cross

Youth Camp Director/ Coach Advisor / Coach

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