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This will be the 1st organized team activity of the 2022-2023 season.

All players are expected to come dressed to play!

Age 10                  November 6th       9:00-11:00

Age 11                  November 6th       11:00-2:00

Age 12                  November 6th         3:00-6:00

Age 13                  November 12th     9:00-12:00

Age 14                  November 12th       1:00-4:00

Age 15/17            November 27th     9:00-12:00

Age 16/18            November 27th       1:00-4:00


Procedure of events

1- Parents: Check in at the desk

a. Pay at least 50% of your fees. Payments can be made in cash or a check made out to Spirit VBC. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.

b. You will receive papers to fill out and give to your coach when you return. Parents are asked to leave and come back 15 minutes before the end of the session.

2- Players: Get fitted: Jersey size, spandex, warmups

3- Players will get on the court to meet their team and scrimmage.

4- Parents return: you return you will…

     a. Meet your coach and all the other team members and parents.

     b. Turn in your paperwork to the coach.

     c. Most teams will get their Tournament Schedule.

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